Undergraduates and Master’s

Research at GIANT

These students, along with REACT graduate students and postdocs, conducted research for 10 weeks at GIANT in Grenoble, France.  2020, 2021 – No students were able to conduct research at GIANT due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

REACT students at the French-American Workshop 20222022

Akshata Naidu (Penn)
Danielle Sclafani (Penn)
Jamie Silk (Villanova)


Lauren Hurley (Villanova)
Anna Tommasi (Villanova)
Nathaniel Watkins (Penn)
Zachary Whitlock (Penn)
Rebecca Zappala (Penn)

US and French REACT participants at the French-American Workshop on June 21, 2018.2018

Richard Adamovich-Zeitlin (Penn)
Mauricio Alvarez (Penn)
Natalie Schalick (Bryn Mawr College)
Jamie Silk (Villanova)
Zachary Whitlock (Penn)


Madison Brod (Penn)
Alissa Johnson (Penn)
Alena Klindziuk (Bryn Mawr College)
Andrew Lee (Villanova)
Brielle Weiner (Penn)


Gabriel Angrand (Penn)
Alena Klindziuk (Bryn Mawr College)
Eric Schwarz (Penn)
Brent Studentroth (Villanova)
Robert Tannenbaum (Penn)

Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grant (SURGG) – Tent Team

This opportunity brought together students from Schools of Engineering, Design, and Arts and Sciences to design tent prototypes that are coated with active coatings to divert and collect water.


Mauricio Alvarez
David Gordon
Sisanmofe Dorsu
Kathryn Khaw
Griffin Murphy
Jane Shmushkis

Senior Design Students

Penn students can participate in REACT-related projects for their Penn Senior Design requirements.


Sonya Kripke
Gracie Salmon
Jason Woo