Design projects are various group activities lead by graduate and undergraduate REACT fellows aimed at taking the first steps towards the engineering, design, and development of prototypes that use functional coatings developed by basic research of each ACT.


Global Contexts Projects 2021

Nasa: the blue marble the view from apollo 17 photoAfter a summer of no undergraduate research due to the COVID-19 Pandemic (Summer 2020), REACT was able to host undergraduate research during Summer 2021, although only domestically, at Penn.  Summer projects included the conceptual challenge of how the technical research project, or related areas or inspired topics, could be conceived in a larger global context.

Innovation Workshop Intern describes the behind-the-scenes work (video)
Richard Adamovich
Innovation Workshop 2018 (video)
Innovation Workshop 2018 photo
  • SURGG Tent Team VideosSURGG Tent Team Videos
    SURGG Tent Team Presentation, August 4, 2017
  • REACT Emergency Shelter Sprint WorkshopREACT Emergency Shelter Sprint Workshop
    The objective of the Emergency Shelter sprint workshop was to tackle a global design challenge related to water collection and purification (ACT 1/ACT 2).
  • SURGG (Penn’s Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grant)SURGG (Penn’s Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grant)
    Active Coating Technology (ACT)-Enabled Relief Tents for Natural Disaster, Summer 2017: This collaborative project brings students from Schools of Engineering, Design, and Arts and Sciences to design tent prototypes that are coated with active coatings to divert and collect water.
  • Senior Design TeamSenior Design Team
    On April 22, 2016 the Senior Design Team presented their REACT-inspired research, “Surface Modifications for Dew Collection,” as part of the School of Engineering and Applied Science Senior Design Project Competition. On May 16, 2016, Sonya Kripke, Gracie Salmon and Jason Woo graduate. Congratulations to the team!! Thanks to Professor Karen Winey for overseeing their ...