REACT Students Present Top Three Posters

At the French-American Workshop 2022, Jamie Silk, Akshata Naidu and Sarah Beth Gleeson won the best, 2nd and 3rd best posters respectively.

For the first time, REACT sent US-based students to the French-American Workshop in addition to our students who were living in Grenoble, as part of the 10-week GIIP internship program. Jamie Silk (1st place poster, Villanova) and Akshata Naidu (2nd place poster, Penn) were part of the 10-week research cohort.  Sarah Beth Gleeson (3rd place poster, Penn) was one of 3 students who came from the U.S. to Grenoble to participate in the French-American Workshop and tours of GIANT.

The third 10-week research participant was Danielle Sclafani (Penn).  Joining Sarah Beth for the short trip for the French-American Workshop was Phuong Ngo (Penn) and Hagir Abdelmagid (Alabama State University).

REACT students at the French-American Workshop 2022

(L to R) Akshata Naidu, Hagir Abdelmagid, Jamie Silk, Sarah Beth Gleeson, Danielle Sclafani, Phuong Ngo