ACT 3. Self-assembled Nanomaterials for Energy Generation and Storage

ct 3 Leaders: Chris Murray, Zahra Fakhraai, Karen Winey, Patrice Rannou

ACT 3 logoProviding reliable electricity is critical to speeding recovery from disasters, whether they are natural or man-made in origin. Reliable electrical power is critical for communications to provide weather and security updates and to facilitate logistics from tracking missing persons to coordinating personnel to tracking supplies. Once temporary habitats are established, access to reliable energy is still crucial for environment control (heating, cooling, etc.), cleaning and sanitization of food and water, communications, and security. It is important to generate electricity independent of the grid and to store it locally. The energy harvesting and storage strategies for emergency situations need to be lightweight, compact, flexible, high energy density, cost-effective, and durable during storage and deployment. To meet these design criteria, ACT 3 aims to design, synthesize, assemble, characterize and test new coatings for advanced photovoltaic systems and polymer-based batteries, as presented in two aims.

Links: Amy S. Fleischer, Aria Zhang, Benjamin Paren, Bertrand Donnio, Brigitte Pépin-Donat, Christian Tabedzki, Christopher B. Murray, Connor Bilchak, Didier Gasparutto, Drew Wang, Francine Papillon, Feng Gang, Giovanna Fragneto, Natalie Gogotsi, Jean-Yves Delannoy, Karen I. Winey, Lionel Picard, Melissa Vettleson, Nadia Krook, Robert A. Riggleman, Russell J. Composto, Said Sadki, Shawn Maguire, Trevor Forsyth, Edward "Ted" Trigg, Véronique Mathieu, Vicent Finsy, Xuemei May Cheng, Zachariah Vicars, Zahra Fakhraai,


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