Education and Training

REACT for students, postdocs and early career faculty

REACT for the Human Habitat will provide a multifaceted portfolio of educational and training activities built on the unique contributions from the US and international partners. The ACT research itself will provide participants with a deep appreciation of how fundamental science can address international environmental challenges, particularly those resulting from natural disasters. The primary international activity for undergraduates, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and early career faculty participants will be conducting research on the GIANT campus in Grenoble, France. An additional international research experience will be available to PhD students whose projects are well aligned for an industrial internship at Solvay in Brussels, Belgium or Lyon, France. At Penn, programming for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers includes mentoring by industrial scientists, communicating technical information and participating in professional development workshops. Early career faculty members will participate in communication workshops. Based on REACT research areas, Penn seniors will have the opportunity to work on a senior design project to address as-of-yet unsolved challenges for real-world disaster response.