REACT Emergency Shelter Sprint Workshop


Access to clean water is one of the big challenges that humanitarian organizations are facing today when deploying emergency shelters in devastated areas.  The objective of the Emergency Shelter sprint workshop was to tackle a global design challenge related to water collection and purification (ACT 1/ACT 2). Early working prototypes from data sensing to web visualization was built in just 3 days, with the support of CEATech’s FabLab and design/engineering resources.

Workshop activities:

Day 1 (half day): ShelterBox presentation of their emergency shelter and what is needed is the midst of natural disasters
Day2: Share a project vision and imagine usage scenarios, used Lego Serious Play to build hypothetical stages of a disaster
Day 3: built quick and dirty prototypes
Day 3: assembled and tested MVP (Minimum Viable Products)


CEA Production Engineering Students

Olivier Menard

Francine Papillon

CEA Production Engineering Students

Martin Moreau (design)

Clémence Billaud (graphic design)

Charles-Elie Goujon (electronics)
Philippe Laporte (3D printing)
Hermine Vincent (logistics)

Penn team (participants)

Neha Manohar, Alena Klindziuk, Nadia Krook (sitting), Andrew Lee, Brielle Weiner (sitting), Madison Brod, Alissa Johnson (sitting), Stephanie Barrow, Natalie Gogotsi.

More Photos

Prototype Workshop Videos

CEATech’s FabLab, GIANT