REACT students at NanoDay@Penn 2017

We had a great turnout of REACT students volunteering for NanoDay@Penn 2017 on October 3, 2017. Not all of them were caught on camera, but the below photos give a sense of the energy that they brought to the event.

Ben Paren and Natalie Gogotsi put “nano” into perspective.

Nadia Krook and Katie Rose out nano materials in everyday items.

The Winey/Composto lab table asks visitors to get creative with polymers.

Nadia Krook presenting at the Winey/Composto shape memory polymer demo table.

Dr. Russell Composto designing a Shrinky Dink.

David Ring invites students to discover fabrication.

David Gordon, Griffin Murphy and Mauricio Alvarez discuss the challenges and rewards of figuring out how to make a tent collect water.

Natalie Gogotsi demonstrates how nitinol changes shape with temperature.