Third REACT Cohort at GIANT in Grenoble, France

Nine of 10 REACT students in the 2018 cohort (T. Egbo not pictured) and 4 alums of the summer research program at the pre-trip preparation meeting, April 2, 2018.

Most of the 2018 cohort of REACT students started their research at GIANT on May 14 in labs of our French REACT partners.  This year’s group includes five undergraduates* (including one from Bryn Mawr College1 and one from Villanova2) and five graduate students** (including one from Alabama State3). French hosts, project areas and students are below. One of the 2017 alums4 has also returned this summer with funding from a Chateaubriand Fellowship, which supported her research time in Strasbourg before arriving in Grenoble in May. Watch the 2018 cohorts’ videos here.

Fragneto – Institut Laue-Langevin (nanoparticles for drug delivery, polymer infiltration): M. Alvarez*, E. Lin**

Papillon Team – CEA Tech (Innovation Workshop: bridging basic research and application): R. Adamovich-Zeitlin*

Picard Lab – CEA Grenoble (sulfophenylated ion-conducting polymers): B. Paren**

Picart Lab – LMGP (nanoparticle diffusion in complex soft matter systems): T. Egbo3, K. Rose**, N. Schalick1

Rannou – S. Sadki Labs – CNRS/UMR5819-SyMMES (ion conductivity and nanocomposites, functionalized nanoheterostructures): S. Maguire**, N. Gogotsi4

Riassetto Lab – LMGP (superhydrophobicity and ZnO nanowires): J. Silk2, Z. Whitlock*

Superscripts refer to student affiliations and academic levels described above.