Three French students conduct REACT research over the summer

Laurène and Anne with their mentors (D. Strickland, N. Manohar).

Lauriane with one of her mentors (Y. Ma).

ACT 1 Professors Stebe and Lee are hosting Anne Guindet from the Chemistry Department at the Université Grenoble Alpes – UIT1 to work on understanding the formation of nanoparticle composite films, which have potential for advancing water filtration technology. REACT Fellow Neha Manohar is mentoring Anne.

ACT 2, with industrial partner Solvay, is hosting Laurène Quénot from Phelma-Grenoble Institute of Technology and Lauriane Gorce from MINES ParisTech, to work on projects seeking to understand adhesion of bacteria on surfaces and the movement of particles within biofilms. Laurène’s mentor is postdoc Danny Strickland in the Composto/Lee Labs; Lauriane is mentored by postdocs Zhimin (Max) Jiang in the Yodh Lab and Yuanchi Ma in the Composto/Lee Labs. The Solvay team includes Drs. Remi Dreyfus and Denis Bendejacq.