Sessions for Bryn Mawr College and Villanova Students

REACT Fellows and BMC and Villanova students presented sessions to encourage undergraduates to apply for REACT’s summer research opportunity at GIANT. The BMC session was on November 18, 2016 and the Villanova session was on December 1, 2016.

Edward (Ted) Trigg, Penn REACT Fellow

Alena Klindzuik, BMC, Senior in Physics

Brent Studenroth, Villanova, Junior in Mechanical Engineering

Neha Manohar, Penn REACT Fellow

Brent Studenroth and REACT Fellows Tagbo Niepa and David Ring field questions about working in France.

Prof. Amy Fleischer, Prof. Gang Feng, Neha Manohar, David Ring, Brett Studenroth, Tagbo Niepa