Bryn Mawr College REACT student returns to GIANT

Alena Klindziuk, now a senior in the Physics Department at Bryn Mawr, impressed her French collaborators during her 10-week REACT-GIANT GIIP internship during the summer of 2016. Shortly after her completion of her summer work, she was asked to come back to Grenoble to help collect polarized neutron reflectometry data at the Institut Laue-Langevin with her summer mentor, Dr. Thomas Saerbeck and PhD student, Jyotirmoy Chatterjee, from CEA Spintec.  Between August 31 and September 7, 2016, Alena collected data with them at ILL for a project on temperature-dependent element diffusion in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) with the purpose of improving the fabrication process for MTJs. She also gave a talk while there and successfully raised grant funds that allowed her to participate in the trip.

View Alena’s video while she was at ILL during her 2016 REACT-GIANT GIIP internship.