Annual REACT Summer Meeting Embraces Remote Format

Screen shot from REACT@ZOOM 2020

Although the REACT network was saddened that our typical research and education activities could not occur in Grenoble at GIANT as in past summers, 27+ of our members were able to come together to hear what our current Trainees have been doing. Read more about our July 2020 REACT@Zoom event.

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REACT@Penn 2020

Scenes from the symposium and related events on January 13, 2020. The program for and videos of the symposium talks are here. Morning Group and Break Afternoon

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REACT@Penn 2019

Scenes from the research meetings and the poster session on January 14, 2019. The program for and videos of the symposium talks are here. Student Poster Session   Symposium

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Readying the Next Group for Grenoble

As the number of REACT students who have gone to Grenoble, France as part of the GIANT International Internship Programme grows through the years, the preparation available for each new summer cohort is enhanced. This year’s Pre-Departure Meeting touched on safety, health and logistics. Most valuable though was the experienced…

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Great Turnout for CTL Workshop

Every spring, REACT Fellows who will be doing research at GIANT for the upcoming summer present teaching talks that serve as the foci for a REACT-Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) workshop. Presenters get specific feedback on their presentations from the audience; the audience engages in a broader discussion of…

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2019 John H. Dillon Medal Recipient

Zahra Fakhraai

ACT 3 co-leader, Zahra Fakhraai, Associate Professor in Chemistry, was honored by the American Physical Society for her “exceptional investigations of surface effects in polymer glasses and amyloid aggregation.” She presented the Dillon Medal talk at the APS’ March Meeting in Boston.

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New REACT Postdoc Starts in March

Connor Bilchak

Connor Bilchak joined Zahra Fakhraai’s group as a REACT postdoctoral Fellow. Connor, who received his PhD in the Chemical Engineering Department at Columbia University, will be working on both the water and energy ACTs.

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National Academy of Engineering Honor

Murray, Christopher

Congratulations to ACT 3 co-leader, Christopher Murray, Richard Perry University Professor and professor in Materials Science and Chemistry for his election to the National Academy of Engineering in February 2019.

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Polymer Seminar Winds up Productive Week at Penn for REACT

Saïd Sadki, from the University Grenoble Alpes and CEA-Grenoble, shared his research in a Polymer Seminar Series talk (“Bottom-Up conjugated/conducting polymers-coated Silicon Nanostructures for Integrated On-chip EDLCs and Batteries”; January 18, 2019). This was an exciting finale to a week of intense research discussion and student mentorship during which Penn’s…

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