French Students Start in Penn REACT Labs

Top L to R: T. Lugan, L. Molenda, L. Bernard; Bottom L to R: C. Aimaretti, S. Carles, N. Dissler

On May 30, 2017, five REACT labs welcomed students from Grenoble into their groups. These students are from three institutions (IUT – Grenoble Alpes University, INAC-CEA-Grenoble and Phelma INPG – Grenoble Institute of Tech) and will spend the next 10 weeks working on the REACT-related projects listed below. They will be mentored by graduate students and postdocs in these labs. A sixth Grenoble student has been at Penn since May 8 and will stay several weeks longer than the other students, under a special French CNRS-funded internship.

More Photos of the Welcome Lunch

Student Project Host Lab
Chloé Aimaretti Using spectroscopic ellipsometry to study self-assembly in polymer nanocomposites during solvent vapor annealing Fakhraai
Laurent Bernard Structural characterization and conductivity measurements of bottlebrush polymers Winey
Sophie Carles Using polydispersity to design membranes with grated porosity Riggleman
Nina Dissler Biofilm structure and visoelasticity Dreyfus/Composto/Lee
Tristan Lugan Studying wetting-dewetting transitions on rough hydrophobic surfaces using lattice models Patel
Lara Molenda Antimicrobial bijels Stebe