REACT@Penn 2022

February 7, 2022
9:30am -11:00 am
Singh Center Glandt Forum and Zoom

Russ Composto, REACT at Penn 02.07.22

9:00 Opening – Russell Composto

9:35 Informing the Design of Icephobic Surfaces using Molecular Simulations – Zachariah Vicars

9:40 Growth Mechanism of Membranes Assembled by Complexation between Polyelectrolyte and Nanoparticle at a Water-Water Interface – Wilfredo Mendez

9:45 The Chemistry of Complex Electronic Structures in Thermoelectric Semiconductors – Madison Brod

9:50 The Effect of Graft Length and Matrix Molecular Weight on String Assembly of Aligned Nanoplates in a Lamellar Diblock Copolymer – Christian Tabedski

9:55 Correlating Nanoscale Structure and Dynamics in Polymer Electrolytes – Benjamin Paren

Group Photo

10:15 Xenopus laevis as a Model Organism for Research and Training at Alabama State University – Emmanuel Tadjuidje

10:25 Lubricant-depletion Free Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces (SLIPS) – David Riassetto

10:35 Distributed Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Manufacturing (DReAM) – Daeyeon Lee

10:45 Surface Scattering at Institut Laue-Langevin – Philipp Gutfreund

10:55 Closing – Zahra Fakhraai